17 March 2013

Time to move house

Photos by Pete Navey

I'm so delighted that this day has finally come. 
Some of you will have been following the progress of my new site, it has been a long road to get here but finally its ready. 
From tomorrow this blog will no longer be renewed or added to, and all new content will be found at my new site. www.peonylim.com
Don't worry, my clever people have moved all of my archive over to the new site, but now its sorted and categorised so I think you will find it much easier to search for recipes and even specific pieces I have worn.
I really hope you will enjoy my move to a dot com!
I have been working on it so long and I hope it is everything you want from it. 
If you have any comments about the new site; anything that you love or anything you don't, anything that's made it better or anything you think is missing, please let me know in the comments section or drop me an email.  Above all it matters most to me that your as happy with the new site as I am. 
Thank you for all your wonderful support while I have been here at blogger. It's been amazing. 
See you soon at peonylim.com!

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