27 April 2012

Baby Blue

Necklace from Venice and Dress Peter Pilotto.

Before I left for Asia I had a shoot with Because Magazine (the wonderful online sister of Tank).
I had been planning with Kay to do it for months, so by the time the shoot came around I was sooo excited to see it all come together.
Kay Montano is one of the most talented Make-Up Artists in the world.  I first worked with her for a shoot last year and we have stayed in touch since then.  I love her work, she truly is an artist.  She's sympathetic to the uniqueness of each face and to me that (and a steady hand) is the most important skill for a Make-Up Artist to have.  I really enjoy working with her because I can completely relax (I'm normally a total control freak) and let her work her magic.  
So together Kay and me designed a series of make-up looks inspired by the beauty looks from the AW12 shows, that would become tutorials for Because.
This is the first of the series, it is inspired by the blue eye trend.
I hope you enjoy it!  You can see the original piece on Because HERE!

And this is how they made it...

26 April 2012

Seoul Photo Diary Part 3

Photos by Pete Navey

Shoes Jimmy Choo, Jeans Zara (from my DIY post), Fringe Top Topshop, Jacket and Sunglasses (Available from my Store), Clutch Ebay, and Hat Lock & Co.

This is my last series of photo's from Seoul.  I hope you have enjoyed coming along with me. It was a wonderful trip and I am so grateful to have been able to go with Pete and share it with you.
I hope you like the outfit above as the Jacket and Sunglasses will be available on my store very soon along with some other wonderful little treats (so stay tuned!).  I love the blues in this outfit it reminds me of an outfit I wore during fashion week this year. I love combining blues, they can look so cold, but if you get the right ones suddenly you get this warm soft look.

21 April 2012

Seoul Photo Diary Part 2


Photos by Pete Navey

1. Top by Eriin, and Metal Hair band Asos.

3. Shoes Manolo Blahnik, Dress Eriin, Necklace and Bracelet from Ebay, and Scarf from Venice.

Going around the night markets in Seoul was so much fun. It was an absolute hive of nightlife and activity.  The atmosphere was pure fun, booming music, the smell of yummy street food, and the chatter of hundreds of people who seriously love of fashion.  It was great to be completely surrounded in it.  My body clock is so confused it wants to sleep most of the time and then wakes me up as soon as I am asleep. Crazy, but that is what you get for staying all night at markets!

19 April 2012

Seoul Photo Diary Part 1.

Photos by Pete Navey

1. Flip flops Accessorize, Jeans Zara from DIY post, Shirt Vintage, Fringe Top Topshop, Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs.

2. Shoes Jimmy Choo (a steal from a second-hand store), Dress from ERIIN, Necklace and Studded Hairband  (Available from my store.)

Seoul was a delight.  We had so much fun running around the night markets till the early hours (luckily the time difference worked with us!) soaking up the atmosphere. The backstreets were the most exciting, so winding and magic.  I saw so many Korean girls with the best style.  It was a very utility look but it worked so well, loads of the girls wore really colourful trainers (Nike and New Balance) with trench coats.  I loved it on them.
I had to wear this amazing dress from ERIIN while I was there.  It was so windy and the gathering made me feel like I was about to fly. So pretty and floaty.

17 April 2012

The First Day of Spring

Photos by Pete Navey and Me

Jeans Asos, Jumper from a really small shop in Paris, Paper Birkin Wonder Anatomie, Waistcoat Michael Kors, Shoes and Glasses Venice.

The weather in London has been insane lately.  One day summer, one day winter.  Very odd.  I really enjoyed one of the fine weather days going to the ever wonderful Ottolenghi for lunch and then a wander around Knightsbridge topped off with a little visit to Pierre Herme for the yummiest macaroons around. Now I am in Seoul in beautiful weather finding some wonderful goodies for the shop.  So stay tuned for posts about my trip to asia and the wonderful things that will be stocking up my shop!

13 April 2012

The Ultimate DIY Distressed Jeans Guide

Image via Gap

After much effort I have finally finished my ripped jeans project.  I have loved distressed and ripped jeans for a long time.  I love the look of something ruff with something smooth - a pair of scuffed jeans with a super fitted blazer.  
So in the search of the perfect distressed jeans, I came to the conclusion the only way to get the right pair was to make them myself. 
I consulted a number of sources in my research...
I highly suggest you have a look at the handy work of these lovely DIY ladies before you begin.
To do this DIY you will need...
  • Jeans (preferably with no stretch - although stretch does work too)
  • A thread unpicker (or a needle - although this makes it more time consuming)
  • A craft knife (be carful the new ones are very sharp - again you could use scissors)
  • Household thick bleach
  • A bucket
  • A chopping board
So the most major DIY I did to jeans began like the pair above.  Gap kindly gave me some jeans just like them, and they were my starting out point. 
So here was my process...

  1. Wet down the jeans and place them in a bucket with a cup of normal house bleach diluted in warm water.  Weigh the jeans down and leave at least over night. (This will depend on the colour you want and the strength of the dye.  Do it during the day to keep an eye on them if you nervous).
  2. Remove from the bleach water and rinse.  Assess colour and repeat step 1 until desired colour is reached (remember the colour will appear darker when wet, so under bleach if your worried, you can always repeat step one after you have finished).
  3. Wash the jeans in a cycle on then their own, at 60 so they are completely clean of bleach and then allow to air dry.
  4. Put the jeans on and in front of a full length mirror work out the placement of your rips. Now take a water soluble pen or chalk and mark where you want you rip or distressed patterns to be. If you are going for heavy rips I find it best to mark in lines, if you are looking for holes mark in circles or shapes.
  5. Take jeans, place them on the table on a chopping board and begin to cut into the denim in horizontal patterns across the legs etc.  Don't press too hard or you will go through to the other side of the jeans.  It is better repeat over the same area, then cut right through. Try not to go diagonally, but keep straight with the fabric, leave 1cm gaps between these cuts.
  6. Drag the blade over the markings you have made lightly in a vertical fashion to raise the edges.
  7. Take the unpicker and start to loosen the pieces of blue vertical threads that you have cut away, leavening the horizontal white threads intacked, you may need to be a bit ruff to start.
  8. Always under rip, ripped jeans only get more distressed with time.  You want them to last as long as possible in their current hand-distressed state!
  9. Shake the jeans out and wash them as normal.  

I did a couple of other pairs from Zara jeans too. 
The ones below were already ripped but I dyed them black and added to the distressed effect.

The ones below here I simply distressed. I didn't change the colour or bleach them.
 Photos by Pete Navey and Me

As always click on the images to enlarge them for a better look. 
Good Luck Distressing! 

11 April 2012

Video Style Portrait: As seen on New York Magazine's The Cut

Video by Blake Hamilton

During London Fashion Week this season I was asked to take part in a project for New York Magazine's The Cut.
They were covering a few people in each fashion capital and interviewing them about their style.  A close up look at street style personality.
This is the resulting video. 
As previously mentioned ... Sorry that I sound like an english man, thats just me I am afraid!

10 April 2012

Wang Attack

Photos by Frances Davison

Shoes Miu Miu, Bag from Venice, Jeans and Jumper Zara, and Jacket Alexander Wang (from the last Outnet Clearance Sale).

I love this new jacket that I picked up for a great bargain on The Outnet.  I think it is the perfect inter-season jacket.  It's surprisingly warm, but the short sleeves make it really easy to layer up or down.  I am a huge fan of these muted colours for spring too.  They are so calming.

6 April 2012

Simple Stripes

Photos by Pete Navey

Boots Prada, Dress worn as Skirt Warehouse, T-Shirt Lanvin for H&M, Blazer Balmain, and Bag Lanvin for H&M.

As far as I can remember this is one of the easiest outfits to recreate at home, I have ever done. 
Everyone already owns a black blazer, a striped maxi skirt is easily found on the high-street, as are black ankle boots and most people have a fun white t-shirt. 
I think it is a really good day to night look, the perfect easy look for those unexpected friday nights out.

4 April 2012

I wish I lived at Petit Trianon

Photos by Me

One of my favourite places. The perfection that is Petit Trianon.
When I go to my parents house I like to go to the vegetable garden, where we keep chickens and our pigs.  In the summer I pick the fruit and salad, check the chickens for fresh eggs and give the piggies a treat.  There is nothing better than playing "Petit Trianon" in glorious weather and eating the wild strawberries as you go. 
If you are in Paris, make the day trip to see Petit Trianon.  It is one of the most wonderful things you can see at Versailles.