27 January 2012

To be french

Photos by Pete Navey

Bringing Back the Hat. Part 10.

I love this Phillip Treacy formed Beret. It is a hat that is so simple and yet so perfect, you can't quite work out how they made the shape.
It is my alternative to the ever present winter fedora.  Although I love fedoras, sometimes its nice to have an alternative that can also be dressed up and down and remains classic and simple. 
This hat was a christmas present some years ago from my beloved Aunt, who in the tradition of all great relatives was the fashion-gift-giver to me as a child. Every present she ever gave me, held inside its immaculate store wrapping, a wonderful treasure from Harvey Nicks (who had a wonderful children's department at the time!) or Selfridges.

25 January 2012

Black is Back

Photos by Pete Navey

Shoes Charlotte Olympia, Leather Shorts vintage, Bag Fendi, Waistcoat crop Alexander Wang, Jumper and Shirt Zara.

I cant help but wear black in the winter. 
Despite its over use, black can still look better than any colour. 
I like wearing black when you can mix textures or create shape.
This was a mix of textures look.

23 January 2012

Silver Serpent by Vanessa Jackman

Photos by Vanessa Jackman

Shoes Christian Louboutin, Jeans Zara, Belt Hermes, Shirt Hermes, Bag vintage, Bracelet Hermes.

Vanessa is a Goddess.  She always make me look how I wish I did. 
Also I love these jeans and shirt.
Now I am back in London and back to work, I miss the clean air of the country.  On the plus... I do have my full wardrobe back!

20 January 2012

Smocks for Winter

Photos by Pete Navey

Hair Bow Hersheson, Shoes Louis Vuitton, Tights Falke, Shirt French Connection, Smock Dress Peony Lim and Bag Fendi.

I thought it would be fun to do a winter look for my Smock dress. The great thing about this dress is it is totally all seasons.  You can layer underneath it and so it is so warm and it doesn't change the look at all.
I love wearing smocks in the winter with a shirt underneath, it is a great way to create colour and layers and the look can be so varied and exciting. My mother first showed me how, and I have been loving it ever since. Have a look at the smocks here!  And don't forget I am having a SALE!
Also... The last photo is so that you can see how dorky I am when I am not posing! hahaa

18 January 2012

Its so fluffy I'm gonna die

Photos by Pete Navey

Boots Vivienne Westwood, Tights Falke, Leather Shorts vintage, Shirt Erdem, Cardigan Toast, Belt Louis Vuitton and Fur Hat a christmas stocking present.

One of my favourite movie moments was introduced to me by Miss Frances Davison.  It is the moment in Despicable Me, when the little girl sees a fluffy unicorn teddy at a fair, in blind passion she jumps around and says... "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!"
This hat pretty much has the same effect on me.  My cat also has the same effect on me.  So I include a very angry picture of him for emphasis! His face is total perfection. 

16 January 2012

Another Season Another Look

Illustrations by Peony Lim (me!)

I find it so hard to believe that another fashion month is upon us again!
It makes me think about my favourite moments of the SS2012 collections. 
I did a few illustrations of the best things I saw last season, which (swan head-dress excluded) will be hitting stores asap! 
Although I saw quite a few shows I thought were amazing, these were the ones I liked the most (and worked best as drawings!). 
Giles was the best show I saw for the whole of that season, and perhaps ever.  It was perfect.  The colours, the swans.  I was in complete and total love. It was such a theatrical show in the most magical medival setting. 
Costume Nationale presented such a full and wearable collection in the most wonderful glass and marble setting.
Ashish did these incredible daisy boots that made me so happy, they were a moment of styling genius. 
Issey Miyake did this amazing light display, which kind of distracted me from wanting to faint from the unbearable and unseasonable heat of last October in Paris. 

13 January 2012

Antwerp Trilby Trip

Photos by Pete Navey

Bringing Back the Hat. Part 9.

I love this hat. 
It has happy memories. 
It was bought in a vintage shop in Antwerp.  If you haven't been there make a trip ASAP! It's so fun.  There is so much to do, the shopping is great, as is the national gallery and the art scene in general.  Not to mention the massive Ann Demeulemeester store.
I was taken by one of my best girlfriends.  We had a totally girly weekend. Perfection. Plus hat heaven. 

11 January 2012

Winter Socks

Boots Prada, Socks Topshop, Jumper Dress Zara, Bag Botkier (gifted), Glasses from Venice, and Bracelets and Necklace Wanderlust & Co (gifted)

Some times it is really nice to wear something comfortable that is simple and yet just works. 
Although I'm a massive fan of the extravagant and exciting I also love a change of pace. 
I think this look is all about the accessories...
I have been obsessed with this Wanderlust & Co jewellery every since I got it. It is simple, but I really enjoy wearing it. 
I find this Botkier bag so useful too. It is the perfect weekend bag.  I use it to walk the dogs, and I can throw it around and it still looks brand new. 
I love the subtle colour combinations here, with the glasses and the bag, and the socks and the dress. 

Also just in case you didn't know...
I am having a little sale in my store.
Just enter the discount code NYS12 to get 15% off all your purchases. 
Happy Shopping!

9 January 2012

The Great Responsibility

For the first time ever I was given the sole responsibility to decorate our table centre at home for the Holidays.
Luckily in Austria I picked up these little friends to decorate the centre and each setting.
Who doesn't love the polar bears?!
In my family to save energy we say to each other... "Turn off that light you are killing the Polar Bears!"

6 January 2012

I caught a bunny in my net

Photos by Pete Navey

Bringing Back the Hat. Part 8.

Sometimes Topshop just gets it so right. 
These ears are a great example of that. 
Topshop bring me more ears so I can continue my animal themed headwear obsession.

4 January 2012

A Christmas Coat

Photos Pete Navey

Faux Fur Coat N.Peal, Shirt K by Karl Lagerfeld, Bow-tie Topshop, Leather Trousers T.K.Maxx, Shoes Stubbs and Wootton.

Probably the two most common questions I get after the Holidays are...
How was your Christmas?
Did you get lovely presents? What did you get for Christmas?!

I think most people (including myself) have a childish enthusiasm about Christmas still.
I love the food most of all, but the decorations, traditions and presents are very close contenders. I love giving presents. I love that feeling of knowing you have found something really perfect for someone you love and waiting with baited breath for them to open it. 

This year I found this coat under the Christmas tree. 
I love it. 
So for my first outfit post of the new year I wanted to wear it. 

I hope you all had wonderful holidays and that you will have a wonderful 2012.
Happy New Year!