27 January 2012

To be french

Photos by Pete Navey

Bringing Back the Hat. Part 10.

I love this Phillip Treacy formed Beret. It is a hat that is so simple and yet so perfect, you can't quite work out how they made the shape.
It is my alternative to the ever present winter fedora.  Although I love fedoras, sometimes its nice to have an alternative that can also be dressed up and down and remains classic and simple. 
This hat was a christmas present some years ago from my beloved Aunt, who in the tradition of all great relatives was the fashion-gift-giver to me as a child. Every present she ever gave me, held inside its immaculate store wrapping, a wonderful treasure from Harvey Nicks (who had a wonderful children's department at the time!) or Selfridges.


  1. hehe so cute! totally suits you.. i wish i looked this good in hats.. sigh! haha :)


  2. Fantastic pictures as always :)



  3. Look so cute on you. Love your blog, following you now.


  4. adorable!


  5. I love hats!

  6. iconic, so glad i found your blog! xx

  7. Cute pictures
    The hat looks great on you


  8. Why do I always find hats so scary? Every time I wear one, people's eyes always wander to the top of my head. I guess I should take it as a compliment, but it puts me off :)
    However, this hat is lovely - so sculptural. You make me think it's time to gather up my courage and start wearing a hat again.

  9. I hadn't visited your blog for so long, I had so many great posts to catch up on! Really love your blog, especially these hat posts. So wish I was a hat person. x

  10. Bridgid Hawley - You just need to find the right one!

    Irene Hua - Oh good! Hope you will like it more and more!

    Copenhagenish - http://copenhagenish.me - Even I used to think that when I was younger, but with age I realised it didn't matter if they were looking because I imagined it, or they hated it or they loved it. If I love it then that is enough. Be brave! Be yourself! It will feel great if you work through it.

    Josie - I post new material every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Unless I am travelling, so keep coming back! x


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