28 February 2011

H&M and Lanvin

I was one of those dedicated people who went to H&M on the day they released the collaboration with Lanvin and queued to get myself a piece of the action - call it tragic, call it lame, call it anything you like, I LOVE THIS DRESS! 

Shoes Christian Louboutin, Tights Falke, Gloves Connonlly, Belt from a market in Singapore, Clutch also from Singapore (Far East Plaza), Dress Lanvin for H&M and Glasses Hugo Boss.

Photos by Pete Navey (like always!)

25 February 2011

Cowgirl Chic


So I did a post on my cowgirl look, these are some of my favourite people to rock that look. 
Erin Wasson just looks awesome in a western style, and Marina Muñoz is THE expert of this look. These women are epic at this look!

24 February 2011

Some Details from LFW

A couple of street style type things I liked on people at LFW AW11.

I love hair like this! So glamourous. 

Really feeling the double collar - plus extra warmth in the cold of somerset house - and it looks fab on Hassan.

I think this hair would probably be fantastically unflattering on mortals because of the crisp central parting, but the braid was so beautiful and neat coming down the Todd Lynn runway.

23 February 2011

Mr Pete Navey... the man behind the camera

So this is the fabulous Mr Peter Navey.  He is the unofficial photographer for this blog.  It's more than likely that if you have liked a picture on here, he took it.  I think he is a super photographer - well obviously I think that. 
Now he has started his very own blog.  It is pretty much just photography and none of those silly paragraphs of rubbish I write! 
So please have a little wander over to it... HERE! 
Oh yeah, he also just posted a whole thing on candid photos of LFW, in which I am looking most normal and silly, so I hope you enjoy the unpolished real me! Be kind. 

I took this picture of him...and so the tables begin to turn...

21 February 2011

Backstage access at Osman

So I went for a little lookie backstage at Osman on Day 3.  It was such a flourish of textures and colours. I loved the hair too, although a blunt fringe on me would be horrific!
Here are a few sneakie photos I took as the girls queued for the last walk. Click on the contact sheet to enlarge it! 
The fur sleeved coats were amazing, and it was fabulous to see some real colour on the AW11 catwalks at last.

My friend Toma did the casting for the show, didn't she do an amazing job?! Check out all the stunning faces below! I particularly loved Ping Hue... she's just catlike.

Thanks Toma for the backstage door opening, hope you guys enjoy the results. Sorry for my lame camera skills, I am working on it with with Peter Navey!  

20 February 2011

Day 2 LFW oufit - Swimming with Leopards

Here is my outfit from London Fashion Week AW11 Day 2.

Photos by Pete Navey... see HERE!

Streetstyle photo by Phil Oh AKA the Street Peeper ... see HERE!

Boots - Prada
Trousers - Hermes
Shirt - Hermes
Necklace - Monet
Coat - Vintage (from Portobello)
Gloves - from a trip last year to Venice
Bag (and scarf attached) - Hermes
Earrings - from a small boutique in Paris - gone and forgotten the name but will let you know if I remember.
Glasses - Cutler and Gross

19 February 2011

Day 1 LFW outfit

This is my outfit from Friday the 18th of February, AW11 London Fashion Week. 

Sorry for the delay in posting my outfit from Day 1, I forgot to take my own pictures of it. I had a load of shows and was running all over covent garden to get to them all, so it kind of fell by the wayside, but I managed to find these from Vogue Italia, Facehunter, Stockholm Streetstyle and Happy Because.

Photo from Caroline's Mode of Stockholm Streetstyle... see HERE!

Photo from Vogue Italia... see HERE!

Photo by Facehunter... see HERE!

Photo by Frances from Happy Because... See HERE! 
Love you for sending that one over miss frances x

Hat - NYC Hat Company
Jacket - Balmain
Shirt - Asos (with added black ribbon)
Jumper - From a market in Singapore
Belt - Vintage
Jeans - Zara
Bag - YSL
Shoes - Christian Louboutin
Rings - Topshop and ASOS
Clutch - Also from a market in Singapore

I will post some shows soon I promise.  So far my favs are Felder Felder, Corrie Nielsen, Aminaka Wilmont,and Daks. 

18 February 2011

The calm before the storm

The catwalk awaits on Day 1 of London Fashion Week AW2011. 
Promise I will post some outfit shots soon and obviously my fav catwalk looks too. 

17 February 2011

DIY Spike

This may in fact be my greatest DIY effort to date.  
I just love these shoes.  
With a little help - meaning muscles - from Mr Peter Navey, I was able to create my own pair of spiked Christian Louboutin inspired peep-toes! 

I bought the grey suede peep-toes completely plain at TK MAXX and I had already got the studs from eBay.
So I - pete - just attached the spikes by laying them out on the shoes how I wanted them, then marked the shoes with pen where the holes for the studs and spikes needed to be made, and then punched holes through and added the spikes and studs.

Hope you like them as much as I do!!! 
Oh and big shout out to Miss  A-Pair-and-a-Spare who totally rejuvenated my DIY desires with her fantastic blog... please have a lookie HERE! 

16 February 2011


I love tattoos... I don't have any though.  I am under the strong opinion that they suit some people and not others.  The people they suit look so beautiful with them that they seem to have been born with them. Also after seeing the work of really great tattoo artists - well thats what I thought LA Ink and Miami Ink was about...? - I think you really can decorate your body in the most wonderful ways. 
Unfortunately - although much to my parents satisfaction - I just don't have the face or body for tattoos, they would make me look silly and cheap.  I am not an authentic tattoo wearing person - know your limits people. 

Recently I came across this great blog, that documents tattoos, its called tattoologist ... see HERE!
Here are some great ones from that blog...

However for those of us who aren't so keen on the permanent aspect of tattoos... there is always the DIY faux tattoo.

One weekend I persuaded my friend Katsu to let me do this to his arm with eyeliner...

I am also a massive fan of the Chanel - and other slightly cheaper versions,Topshop and ASOS are good - temporary tattoos, they last forever and have such a pretty effect with the white, grey and black. 

Photo by Style Crusader 

15 February 2011

When all else fails...

...I always reach for the top knot.  I like to think of it as the asian bun! They can be messy or they can be neat, but they have to be right on the top of your head. 
I have a lot of hair and that means it can make a bun on its own, however sometimes for effect I add a donut ring to make the shape even and bigger.  
Here are a few of my favourite topknots and some of my fellow asians rocking the asian bun - Susie Bubble and Phil Oh.