21 December 2011

To be a Host

Photos by Pete Navey

Just before I left London for Christmas, I had one more thing to do...
Host a fabulous party for Shanghai Tang.
Oh poor me - please note my extreme sarcasm!
The evening was a winning combination of the best things in life... a little help from my friends, a couple of amazing cocktails, irresistible nibbles, a-whole-lotta fashion and a sprinkle of Asia.
Some of the fabulous people who came along were... Vanessa Jackman, Candice Lake (crazy for the Erdem trousers she wore!), Michelle Bobb-Parris, Amber Atherton, Minnie Harding, Ella Catliff, and Alessandra Ferreira.
I was obsessed with the smoked salmon on potatoes cakes and the passion fruit cosmopolitans that we served in particular. Yummy yummy!
I hope the pictures give you a feel for a really lovely night. If not we can always blame Pete!

Jacket and Dress Shanghai Tang (samples), Tights Falke, and Shoes Christian Louboutin.


  1. Beautiful photos. I adore Shanghai Tang - vibrant colours and rich textures. Delicious...

  2. Great pictures, thanks for sharing


  3. amazing photos :)


  4. great pictures! may i ask what lipstick you are wearing?


  5. I am not a celebrity - They are a great company, and they have the best customer service.

    Hope - I am afraid I cant help you. I had just done a shoot, so the make-up was from that make-up artist. I think she was using a lot of Nars colours, but I honestly dont know. I'm so sorry I cant help more.


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