16 December 2011

Home Made Hat

Photos Pete Navey
Bring Back the Hat. Part 7.

Some people may have already seen this hat when I wore it during PFW... HERE! 
However not everyone is going to know that this hat was a DIY!
It is incredibly easy to do and the perfect party topper for the festive season. 
All you need is...
  1. a circular hat base
  2. approx. 1-2m string of sequins (depends on the size of the base)
  3. a needle
  4. thread to match the sequins
  5. A plastic hair comb
You can buy all these things from a good haberdashery, but I particularly like the selection at V.V.Rouleaux, and they also sell online... HERE!
Very simply you pin the sequins staring in the middle around and around in a coil until it covers the whole hat and then stitch them down.  Following that, you attach the comb to the inside with a few strong stitches to help you to wear the hat more comfortably.

The holidays are here and at last I am getting a little break, work has been so wonderful this year and I have loved every moment.  I have worked with some amazingly talented people but now a rest feels fully earned.  So please don't hate me if for the next few weeks you hear from me a little less than normal.  


  1. cute :)


  2. your hat posts are so cute ;)


  3. Very nice photo shot, thanks for sharing.

  4. M. - Thank you! I hope you are enjoying the series.


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