4 November 2011

Red or Dead

Photos by Pete Navey

I had this idea for a series of posts every friday.  This has ended up being Photobooth Friday.  
I'm going to do a series of posts every friday using photobooth images with different accesories. 

Part 1. Hats

I'm obsessed with hats.  
I think they are massively under-worn modernly.  I would like the culture of hat wearing to reemerge, so here is my little statement to that effect. 
This is a wool beret I picked up in Paris a couple of years ago. I bought it from one of those super trashy touristy shops. Sometimes trashy things can be chic in an ironic way, this hat has a sense of humour.  A beret is a really easy hat to wear if you are a bit hat shy.  You can ease yourself into the hat wearing state of mind with a little beret action this weekend. 

As an after thought... This is a Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick, which the lovely people sent me as part of  selection of lipsticks that they matched to My-Wardrobe dresses! How fun is that?! 


  1. Love the photos! What lipstick are you wearing? Its color is fantastic!

  2. Love the beret - and completely agree with the whole hat wearing thing! Did a similar happy red hat post here:


    Now to pour through your past posts :)


  3. Okay - could you be any more gorgeous? These are so pretty!

    I have the same exact beret in navy that I also bought from a Paris tourist shop - we actually used it in the photobooth at our wedding :)

  4. many many people wear hats. I don't think they will ever stop.. just doesn't make sense.

  5. Love the photos! I agree with you, hats are so underworn nowadays. So glad winter is coming so I can break out the beanies!

    xx maggie

  6. hats are the forgotten beauties of the wardrobe! if only people got into them more besides fedoras and caps. i suggest a hat revolution x x

  7. Peony, I love this idea. I wonder if I should do a similar feature on my blog. It's so cute, and it's so easy!

    Mae Lu @ ~thereafterish.!

  8. I love how your lips are as bright as your beret! You carry off the look so well!

    Ash :o)

  9. Dear N.
    I am sorry you didn't get the point of the post, especially since it is only the beginning of a series. Let me try to explain a bit better...
    Up until about the 1960s it was a cultural pleasantry that respectable people would not have left the house or be seen in public without a hat. The culture of hats was very much a part of daily life. The world wore hats, every single day, men and women alike. More modernly we have lost this idea that a hat and indeed gloves are an essential part of dressing. Hats not only tend to be more casual now, but also a part of seasonal dressing rather than a mandatory accessory. Isn't "mandatory accessory" a wonderful phrase! Ahhh I digress... I love to see the photographs of 1950s red London buses filled with people in hats on their way to work. I would love for people to wear hats every single day as they did earlier in the 20th century. I hope this as a whimsical idea is not as strange and obtuse to you as it seemed to be before. It is only a hopeful idea, no more.
    I really hope you continue to read my blog and enjoy it.
    Best wishes
    Peony (an avid hat wearer)

  10. You look so cute! And I love your hat. The photo booth idea is so great!! xx


  11. Snuffeldyret - Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick. I added a little note above for you.

    Pearl - I hope you liked them!

    Katherine - How cute! Thats such a lovely idea.

    Tess - How is your hat revolution going? I am in full support!

    Mae Lu - Send me a link! x

    Thank everyone for you lovely thoughts


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