25 November 2011

Cinderella loves a good hat

Photos by Pete Navey

Bringing Back the Hat Part 4.

Still detoxing in Austria is making me miss my little doggies, I am sure their little silky ears would be wonderful company here. So I thought I would post this hat today as a little reminder of Cinderella's cuteness. 
I love this hat, so much so I have it in two colours, Navy and Black.  I actually found them at T K Maxx which makes the double purchase totally ok! Right?!
Anyway I am nearly halfway through my detox now so wear a hat this weekend and tell me about it to cheer me up. Pretty please?!


  1. amazing look!!!!


  2. adorable hat, even more adorable dog. also, i would KILL to be at a detox clinic now...anything to avoid doing work


  3. that hat is gorgeous! looks great on you! xx

  4. Laura - Thank you, I think she is pretty cute, but then I would.

    I think the dog is better than the hat, but then you dont have to walk, clean and feed a hat! hahaa


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