25 October 2011

Inside My Bag

I have had a couple of requests for a post on what I have in my bag... so here it is!
I think I was probably a little too honest with what I have in bag and should have used a little bit more creative license.  Never mind, I will do another in the future with a different bag and more excitement.

So in my mum's 'borrowed' vintage Celine bag is...
  1. my iPhone
  2. my Blackberry
  3. some Headphones 
  4. a pair of Sunglasses 
  5. a Hair Brush
  6. a box of some emergency painkillers
  7. My vintage laquer fountain pen
  8. A colourful Sharpie
  9. some Hand Sanitizer
  10. my Business cards 
  11. a Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Big Stick
  12. a packet of Tissues
  13. a Wallet, tends to be this Hermes one
  14. a small bottle of scent


  1. oh.. I'm a sucker for "inside the bag" kind of posts and I loved this one too. But do all these items really fit inside your tiny bag? :)

  2. I like such kind of post!
    you have not many stuff in your bag =)


  3. I love bag "tours" posts. They're a nice little peek into someone's personality and mind behind the brilliant OOTDs... it's a nice personal touch to make someone more real, rather than just a face on a monitor.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  4. Hi peony, i have only just seen your blog, well done, its great, take care, ava

  5. Not only do we have the same name but similar tastes too! Love your bunny case on your iPhone! Mine is pink!

  6. love having a nosey in peoples bags!! :)

  7. nice iphone case..;)
    A_C'est moi

  8. lovely things


  9. Soniadeli - Surprisingly large inside! PLus I am a master packer! ahhaha

    Mae Lu - What is OOTDS? I have never heard that before?

    Peonie - Fab!

    Laura - I know right. Only when allowed though, you never know what you might find otherwise.

  10. Cute! - but why both an iPhone AND a Blackberry?


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