19 May 2011

Closet Lust

Currently I am having some serious Wardrobe Lust.  Although I have   large closet space for London - and I have taken over the spare room - I still am struggling to get everything away and tidy.  It just about all fits in, but then you cant really see what you have because it is all crammed. Plus I am starting to become concerned that I wont be able to fit anything new in! BIG PROBLEM.
I am lusting after a walk in wardrobe.  I think it is unlikely that my house mate is going to be ok with me totally redecorating our spare room into a new closet for me, so in the mean time I am just lusting after inspirational closet space.  Although I would love some of the pieces in these closets I would most like to steal there space (and organisational skills)!!!

The SATC Closets... ahhhhhh! 

Judy Aldridge's Closet

Jane Aldridge's Closet

Olivia Palermo's Closet

Kimora Lee's Closet

Mariah Carey's Closet

Suzanne Roger's Closet


  1. Loooove these pics ;D

    STREET LIFE: BACK IN 70's http://magmoiselle.fr

  2. this was closet porn, seriously. I wish I had more items worthy of such a display!!

  3. Ahh! So BEAUTIFUL!! I'm so jelly!!

  4. amazing closets. Mariah had the biggest I've ever seen when I saw it on MTV Cribs.

  5. OMG! Wish I had a closet like that. I am sure I would be well organized and had the opportunity to see and use all of my clothes :)

  6. @S - seriously pea green worthy huh?!

    @anon - join the club!

    @chicfille - hahaha... I know right.

    @Jenny - Glad you liked my choices.

    @Anon - I know I saw that too! It was like a store in her apartment.

    @lillsfashion - Thats what I am talking about, half the time I forget what is in the depths of my closet!

  7. no no no, the 7 pic is THE BLONDE SALAD chiara's closet


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