22 April 2011

Thats the way I like it

I love to dress up... obviously! I also love to dress others. So one day Frances (see HERE!) was hanging out with me, I decided it was a very good time to dress her up in all my clothes!
These are my favs.  This is Frances by me!

Frances wears...
Fendi Fur Gilet, Topshop Playsuit, and Zara Fringe top.
Peter Pilotto Dress. 


  1. Frances is such a babe! You guys are so cute together! I love seeing her in a bright little dress! HOTTT!!! Beautiful photos!

    Love how much fun you have with getting dressed Peony! You always look beautifully put together. xx

  2. @Style Crusader - Thank you so much! Frances moved and talked far too much to be a dolly! hahahaaaa! But she did a pretty good job in the posing department, she's a star. x

  3. What a beautiful dress! I love your shoes and the pics are really nice.

    I'm definitely a fan!1


  4. awesome outfits!


  5. Awww Frances is such a pretty doll :p

    Kit x

  6. you two look so cute - playing dress ups is the most fun thing ever.

    hope you're both very well!


  7. Your Fendi gillet is insane! Love!

  8. @Corie - Thanks I have a lot of affection for it.

    @Michelle Lee - Frances is the best person to dress, it makes it very easy.

    @Kit - I know! She rocks.

    @Hannah-Rose - We are and we want you to come back to London ASAP!

    @Cecylia - I know, I literally lived in it all winter, so warm so cute!


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