11 April 2011

Temperley AW11

Recently I was invited to view, up close and personal, the AW11 collections by Temperley. 
In my mind, Temperley is all about a combination of exquisite detailing and simple cuts. This reputation was well earned when I saw this seasons offerings. 
I chose mostly detail shots off the collection to show of the amazing level of workmanship and quality. 

Contact Sheet above...
0. Temperley Gown detail
1. Temperley Knitted Poncho detail
2. Rail of Temperley for Barbour Knitted jumpers
3. Temperley Blouse detail
5. Temperley Gown back detail
6. Temperley Lace dress detail 

Temperley Bridal AW11

Dont worry I am not under the illusion I am getting married in the near future, however the wedding dresses at Temperley were beautiful enough to make you marry the guy who makes you your Soya Hazelnut Latte at Starbucks!
Here are a few tempting details.

Alice By Temperley AW11

The affordable version.  Here the fur was faux and the lace was overlaid on net, but still the designs were fun, sexy and light, and the ethos of detailing continued, in sequin and lace work. 

So although I cant wait for summer and the warm weather clothes that come with it. It seems that I wont being going bare or all black next winter. Thanks Temperley for the positivity. 


  1. wow the detail is amazing! so intricate and beautiful... and you are totally right about the wedding gowns

  2. It is all so stunning. Beautiful attention to detail.

  3. @ Sunday - They were even better in real life!

    @ Dressed and Eaten - They are masters of embellishment, never too much and always just enough. Just beautiful workmanship.


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