18 March 2011

Aminaka Wilmont a/w 2011

Black and white smoke effects ran across the fabrics at Aminaka Wilmont.  Patterns varied between spilled and bleeding ink to crystallised hawks eyes.  Over-the-knee socks and boots were mirrored by long wrist warmers, that ruffed up otherwise silky feminine dresses.  Shoe boots were very popular as were leather sleeves across the LFW a/w 2011 catwalks and this was also the case at Aminaka Wilmont.  Open sheepskin jackets that reminded me of Rick Owens, and some of the cuts of the dresses had an early Peter Pilotto feel, both favs of mine, so the collection went down very well with me!

The Drawing - I particularly loved one of the maxi dresses that was accompanied by a fur and feather cape.  It was very sexy yet understated.  There was a beautiful combination of the ruff and the smooth both in the fabrics and textures and the styling.  It was tuff but also feminine, an aesthetic I wear alot.

Illustration and Photos by Peony Lim


  1. "Patterns varied between spilled and bleeding ink to crystallised hawks eyes."

    Lovely, lovely post. Your colorful description, beautiful sketch and photos are in perfect harmony, reinforcing one another. thank you for sharing with us :)

    newest fan and friend,

  2. Beautiful!



  3. Lovely posting! I'm a new fan, discovered you through apairandaspare! Following you now - please check out my blog and follow if you like it :)



  4. @Rick - Thanks! Such a lovely comment.

    @Dylana Suarez - Thank you, so glad you enjoyed it.

    @SMS Style - Thanks. apaireandaspare is so fabulous, I love her work. I will have a wander over to your page!



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