23 February 2011

Mr Pete Navey... the man behind the camera

So this is the fabulous Mr Peter Navey.  He is the unofficial photographer for this blog.  It's more than likely that if you have liked a picture on here, he took it.  I think he is a super photographer - well obviously I think that. 
Now he has started his very own blog.  It is pretty much just photography and none of those silly paragraphs of rubbish I write! 
So please have a little wander over to it... HERE! 
Oh yeah, he also just posted a whole thing on candid photos of LFW, in which I am looking most normal and silly, so I hope you enjoy the unpolished real me! Be kind. 

I took this picture of him...and so the tables begin to turn...


  1. he should spend more time in front of the camera!

  2. I know right! Hope you liked his blog too, and his photographs on here x


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