16 February 2011


I love tattoos... I don't have any though.  I am under the strong opinion that they suit some people and not others.  The people they suit look so beautiful with them that they seem to have been born with them. Also after seeing the work of really great tattoo artists - well thats what I thought LA Ink and Miami Ink was about...? - I think you really can decorate your body in the most wonderful ways. 
Unfortunately - although much to my parents satisfaction - I just don't have the face or body for tattoos, they would make me look silly and cheap.  I am not an authentic tattoo wearing person - know your limits people. 

Recently I came across this great blog, that documents tattoos, its called tattoologist ... see HERE!
Here are some great ones from that blog...

However for those of us who aren't so keen on the permanent aspect of tattoos... there is always the DIY faux tattoo.

One weekend I persuaded my friend Katsu to let me do this to his arm with eyeliner...

I am also a massive fan of the Chanel - and other slightly cheaper versions,Topshop and ASOS are good - temporary tattoos, they last forever and have such a pretty effect with the white, grey and black. 

Photo by Style Crusader 


  1. i love looking at them but would probly never get one myself


  2. I agree with you Peony. And unfortunately i'll think I'll look cheap as well if I'll decorete my body with a tattoo, even if a small one!




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