30 December 2010

I Need HELP!!!

OK so I am an idiot for many reasons, but here is another... I love this picture - and more importantly this dress - and I cant remember where I found the picture.
Thus I need some help... 
Does anyone know where this dress is from? 
Or where I can get a dress like this???
I will think of some lovely reward if you can help...


  1. the photo is by Nam from Street FSN, he is a street style photographer from Korea. The dress looks like a Roberto Cavalli or Lisa Ho (2009 collection)

  2. Yes, it's from streetfsn, here:
    And there are more pics of the dress here:
    And on the next page. Unfortunately no ID.

    I would love it if you could do a post about your hair: routine, styling, product you're using... It's gorgeous, and looks impeccable in every pic.

  3. H&M has a similar dress; long-sleeve, maxi & leopard print. If you're feeling crafty & ambitious, the back cut-out can be a DIY! :)


  4. H&M babes, but from summer *tear*. It was only 35 bucks too! The jumper is Zara whilst were on the subject.

    God bless the high street!

  5. i can't help you, too busy drooling over the dress x

  6. The photo is from streetfsn.com,posted september 25. I agree with miss sunday,it looks like Cavalli,but it might be H&M.
    Check out this article http://www.shoppingthetrend.com/celebrity/Fashion-File/Shopping/Buy-Rachel-Bilson-Roberto-Cavalli-leopard-dress-online-Tyra-Banks-leopard-jumpsuit-seen-on-Alex-Gerrard.html.


  7. Wow people.... You are so well informed! Thanks sooo much for the tips. I will definitely investigate here and let you know if I get results... I need that dress, it is just perfection.

    @Haylle - Your wish is my command... but be warned it is somewhat like finding out how sausages are made, some may feel it was better a mystery!
    Anything particular you want to know about the beauty regime?

    p.s. kids I am totally up for requests like Haylle's so send me a message is you want a specific post and I will see what I can do!


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