9 December 2010

I ♥ Iggy's

Recently I went on holiday to a lifelong stomping ground... Singapore!  I love it there, the weather is yummy, the food is yummy and the shopping is delicious.
So when I was on the airplane on the way out, and I stumbled across an article in the airplane magazine - dont judge everyone gets that bored on a 14hr flight - about a new restaurant I was delighted...
So we went to try Iggy's...

The article.

I am allergic to shellfish so they kindly made alterations to the menu giving me different dishes for those courses.  Which was absolutely awesome of them, and it meant that I got Wagyu Beef capriccio with truffle cream, parmesan and rocket! It was the most perfect mouthful I have ever eaten.  I really cant express quite how amazing it was.  All I can offer is a series of rubbish iPhone pictures - no flashes allowed, plus even I dont have the nerve to bust out a huge Canon in that kind of establishment - I'm so sorry people these pictures are shameful... but they were the best I could do.

The Menu.

Fabulous walk to dining room was down this corridor... I want these light fittings.  They are yummy like the food!

The perfect Wagyu Beef Carpaccio.

Iggy's Salad

Alba White Truffles - YUM!

The stunning White choc mousse and beetroot pudding.
Is that the prettiest thing you can eat ever?

Second pudding, because one is never enough - OBVI!

Treats with Tea and Coffee
You get to pick your own from a lovely wooden box.

My lovely Friend Toma and her adult choc lollipop.

My individual Tea set. Love it.

Also I just wanted to give a shout out to a new friend I met that night... Mentalia... you are so special. 

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  1. Suddenly, I am interested of visiting Singapore too... ...


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