12 November 2010

Stealing Pictures

There are a number of blogs that I love mostly for their photos. I have a strong feeling that most blog readers are interested in pictures not text. When I read blogs unless I have lots of time it tends to be a scan situation. I don't really mind who took the pictures, I am more interested in whether the images are pretty. This is a classic example of my magpie tendencies. So here a few of the images I have kept over time from different blogs. These are more 'style' pictures - god that sounds tragic! - than fashion or streetstyle.

I'm sorry I have forgotten where they all come from but here is a list of a couple of my fav blogs that you can find awesome pictures - and not much text hehe - on... just click on the name!
Knight Cat
Style Copycat
Inspiration you say is probably my most fav!
The Killing Moon

by Peony Lim


  1. just lovely, sometimes all we need are beautiful pictures to feel inspired xx

  2. i love looking at pictures. it's what i do first...when i see something that attracts my eyes, whether it's a pretty face or thing, then i read the caption or the story. i find it very therapeutic especially when i can't sleep or waiting in between appointments or just because. i call it my fix. i truly enjoy yours. xoxo

  3. LLP loves the attention girls!! obviously! well done darling! xxx

  4. Such beautiful and well chosen images. Looking at them makes me seriously wish I wasn't quite such an awful photographer! So nice to see you at the Sandro party the other night. Hope all's well and good luck with your blog, will definitely follow. X



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